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Monday, March 29, 2010

Breeder Links

I have recently added a breeder links page to my website. If any one would like to be added to it, email me your rabbitry name, location, contact information and a list of the breeds that you raise. If you do not have a website you can send me your email address.
The link to my website is http://silverstarsilvermartens.webs.com/ and my email address is silvermarten@aol.com

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of Tyler with his Best in Show trophy.

Silver Marten Baby Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the kits out of my last litter.
Baby rabbits are born hairless with sealed eyes and ears. Their fur starts to come in by three days and eyes and ears start to open by ten days.

Silver Marten History

The first Silver Martens were developed in the 1920's. Standard Chinchilla breeders had introduced Tan bloodlines into the breed in the hopes of improving color and pattern. This resulted in the tan pattern genes being carried on in the offspring. The Chinchilla genes affected the tan coloring in the offspring causing it to turn silver. Some of the correctly colored kits were saved and line bred. These black and silver colored rabbits were named Silver Martens in 1924 and the standards were written for the blacks and chocolates in 1927. The blues were accepted in 1929 and the sables were accepted in 1933.
Silver Martens have a very sweet temperament and make great pets.

About My Rabbitry

Welcome to my blog.
I raise and show Silver Martens in North Louisiana. I currently have one Sr. black buck and three Sr. black does. I have had good luck showing my rabbits so far. My buck ( Tyler) won a Best in Show at the Monroe Ag Expo in January 2010.
You can see pictures of my rabbits on my website. The link to it is http://silverstarsilvermartens.webs.com/