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Monday, November 22, 2010

Netherland Dwarfs

Here are a few pictures of my new Netherland Dwarfs.

RD's William - BEW Brood Buck

Tinsel (haven't received his pedigree yet, so am not sure about who he is out of) Very nice little BEW show buck. He just turned Sr. and is only 1.4 lbs.

RD's Spearmint - very pretty little BEW show doe

RD's Peppermint - BEW Show doe

Loupe's Dancer ( you know, one of Santa's reindeer ;) ) - VM doe
On the larger side, but nice type.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Additions

I added 1 Mini Rex doe and 5 Netherland Dwarfs to my herd. The Mini Rex doe is a broken blue with 2 legs, 1 for Best of Variety out of 18 and the other for Best of Variety out of 16. She was moulting both times. In Netherland Dwarfs, I have 1 BEW show buck, 1 BEW proven buck, 2 BEW bred show does and 1 bred Black Vienna marked doe. I will add new pictures of them this weekend when I pick them up. I am also adding a pair of rare CHAMPAGNE Netherland Dwarfs this spring.

Send me an email at silverstarrabbitry@yahoo.com to get on my waiting list for kits. Prices for Mini Rex and BEW and Veinna Marked Netherland Dwarfs will start at $65 for show quality, $35 for brood quality and $15 for pets. Champagne Netherland Dwarfs will start at$100.